Data Files

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In addition to the built-in variables of Herbie, custom data can be defined and accessed through the Twig template engine. This data is stored as JSON or YAML files in the site/data directory.

This useful feature prevents unnecessary repetitions and makes data structures globally available. At the same time, one has access to data without changing the central configuration file.

The data folder

In the data folder you create one or more JSON or YAML files that can contain any structured data. You can access this data in the template via<filename>.

Example: A list of people

Here is a simple example of how to use data files. This can be used to prevent copy-paste actions in Twig templates:

In site/data/persons.yml the data is recorded:

- name: Herbie Hancock
  instrument: Piano
- name: Jaco Pastorius
  instrument: Electric bass
- name: Joni Mitchell
  instrument: Guitar, Voice
- name: Wayne Shorter
  instrument: Saxophone

This data is accessed via The file name persons.yml thus becomes the corresponding variable name persons.

In a template you then output the list of persons as follows:

{% for person in %}
  <p>Name: {{ }}<br>
     Instrument: {{ person.instrument }}</p>
{% endfor %}